Dallas Information Security
Team Symposium

Tuesday, October 24, 2017 – 10:00AM to 3:00PM — Dallas/Plano Marriott at Legacy Town Center

IANS Team Symposiums bring together information security leaders and practitioners for a dual-track educational seminar that addresses current challenges.

The day will begin at 10:00 a.m. with attendees choosing to participate in one of the two sessions below.

Threat Modeling: Start Small, Start Now

hreat modeling directly reduces application cost and risk by methodically seeking and weeding out security flaws at the design phase. Yet, many – maybe most – organizations skip this common-sense step. In this interactive session, KRvW Associates Founder Ken Van Wyk will share his approach to evolving a process that consistently delivers meaningful results.

Points for discussion include:

  • Threat modeling purpose and process
  • Whiteboard as a weapon exercise: Discuss, detect and dissect the threat modeling of an application
  • A conceptual overview of the major tools and methodologies, and best use cases for each
Ken Wan Wyk


Ken Van Wyk

IANS Faculty

Principal Consultant and Founder, KRvW Associates, LLC.

Maturing SecOps: Use Cases and Hunting

Effectiveness in the shape-shifting universe of cyber threats calls for Security Operations to be dynamic, creative, and constantly improving. Reality too often finds the SecOps warrior knee deep in reports, fighting outdated objectives with under-powered toolsets. Management is equally frustrated by the lack of value received from investments in detection tools and programs once the consultants decamp. No one but would-be attackers benefit from stalled or plateaued efforts.

Successful SecOps is possible – but only when it’s in a constant state of improvement.

Led by security operations innovator and practitioner Rocky DeStefano, this interactive 5-hour event is designed to give you practical ways to mature the effectiveness of your SecOps. It combines presentation, discussion, and peer conversation in an environment that is both fast-paced and casual.

Points for discussion include:

  • SecOps trends and challenges
  • Develop a framework for continual improvement and confidence in your detection
  • How to get value from existing toolsets
  • Leverage analytic techniques using tools; capturing the right analytics
  • How to articulate the value proposition to drive actions and secure resources
Rocky DeStefano


Rocky DeStefano

IANS Faculty

Rocky founded and led the Global Security Operations Center for EDS and has supported cybersecurity advancement in notable companies such as ArcSight, NetWitness, RSA and Visible Risk. At every step in his career, Rocky's focus has been to continually enhance visibility and detection solutions to defend the enterprise.

This event is for IANS clients and invited guests — there is no vendor sponsorship or presence.