Decision Support

End-User Decision Support is our flagship offering delivered through an annual subscription service designed for CISOs and their teams. IANS connects you with independent experts and practitioners who have 'been there, seen it, and done it,' enabling you to accelerate your capabilities and make informed decisions.

Nick Mankovich, Becton Dickinson
Ask-An-Expert (AAE)

Unlimited Access to IANS Faculty

Need a deeper dive? Ask-An-Expert provides the ability to submit unlimited requests to the IANS Faculty. These deep-domain security experts will share a point of view on a product or technology, provide recommendations for action, and help you come to a decision. You choose how you’d like to receive the input:

  • Phone Call: 60-min with Faculty expert to discuss a specific topic or question.
  • Written Report: A 500-1,000 word response to your request that is prepared by an IANS Faculty member.
  • Faculty Poll: Short written responses from 3-5 IANS Faculty members with unique perspectives.
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Content Aggregator

Gain Executive Buy-In

The Content Aggregator is designed for proactive communications to senior stakeholders within the organization. IANS aggregates third-party content and formats the information in ready-to-use slides. You will receive:

  • Biweekly Digests: Newsletters with curated content aggregated by IANS on information security topics.
  • PowerPoint Slides: These include speaker notes you can use to build presentations to the C-suite and lines of business, or to your team internally.
  • Compilations: Collections of single Content Aggregator slides on specific information security topics.
  • Narratives: Compilations of slides with an added viewpoint or “IANS Perspective” from the IANS Faculty.
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Executive Communications

Articulate Significant InfoSec Events to the Business

IANS Executive Communications covers security topics from key news publications, formatted in business language to brief the C-suite, the board, and key internal stakeholders.

  • Daily Dive: Receive guidance at 9AM daily on what to communicate regarding security news your C-level executives are reading. We cover stories from the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Financial Times, Reuters, Associated Press, and Globe and Mail. Our guidance includes story summaries, what to communicate to executives, and supporting documents.
  • Incident Faculty Briefing: Get notified to participate in a conference call with an IANS Faculty member the same day a major incident occurs.
  • Quarterly Faculty Briefing and Q&A: Join a conference call with an IANS Faculty member to discuss the most important stories and developments of the quarter.
  • Faculty Briefing Notes: Receive summaries of notes from the Incident Faculty Briefings and Quarterly Faculty Briefings.
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Tools & Templates

Need Help Tackling Specific Security Initiatives?

Developed and used by industry experts, these materials offer step-by-step guidance on approaching and completing security-specific tasks. Our collection includes:

  • One-page checklists to help you comply with data protection regulations.
  • Multi-page/multi-pronged templates for building comprehensive security and privacy policies.
  • Toolkits for modeling threats and calculating risks.
  • Interactive tools for determining compliance and managing risk.
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Insights Portal

All of Your Content in One Place

IANS Decision Support clients have access to the Insights Portal, a resource with content organized by topic and product type. The portal includes Ask-An-Expert writeups, Faculty Reports, Topic Guides and Webinars. Here you can also access Tools & Templates, Executive Communications materials, and Content Aggregator slides.

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Understand the Risks When Migrating Data to the Cloud (pdf)

The importance of focusing on storage, database and application migration, tips for planning and performing a successful data migration, and the need for secure communications, backup and other key considerations.

Content Aggregator icon
Content Aggregator
Cybercrime Economy Would be World’s 13th Largest GDP (pptx)

Attackers generate $1.5 trillion in annual profit, which is about equal to the gross domestic product of Russia and Korea, which would make cybercrime the world’s 13th largest GDP. This slide is designed to show the facts in a digestible format to senior stakeholders in your organization.

Executive Communications icon
Executive Communications
The Daily Dive (pdf)

Receive a “Daily Dive” every morning on what security topics to communicate to your CEO from news publications in The Wall Street JournalFinancial Times, and The New York Times.

Faculty Reports icon
Faculty Reports
Infosec in 2019: What to Expect in Privacy Regulations/Legislation (pdf)

All organizations, in all industries, need to prepare for 2019 by establishing a comprehensive privacy management program to address the additional and expanded privacy requirements set to emerge in the next year and beyond.

Tools & Templates icon
Tools & Templates
Cloud Terminology Cheat Sheet (docx)

This cheat sheet compares key services and cloud terms among major cloud services. This update provides Google Computer Platform (GCP) terminology, in addition to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft's Azure.

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Zip Package
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