2019 New York Super Symposium
Vulnerability Management & SOC in the Cloud


Wednesday, September 25, 2019 | 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Convene, 101 Park Ave, New York, NY

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Companies have limited resources to keep up with an endless pile of vulnerabilities and patches and need to determine what they keep getting wrong and what others are doing that’s right.

In this 5-hour Symposium, IANS Faculty member Jake Williams will help attendees better understand what they may be doing wrong and send them back to their organizations with better solutions that include:

  • Particular tools to use to create more automation
  • Using automation to move through the flaw-finding and patching process more quickly
  • A list of methods used by companies that have taken their programs to the next level
  • Instructions on how to use the Vulnerability Management Process Workflow
  • Instructions to ensure data within the SQL Server, DB2 and Oracle databases are secure
  • Tools like Shodan that will cast a wider vulnerability net


Anyone responsible for patch management in their organizations, particularly those who are already well on their way to surfacing and addressing these challenges.

Many security operations teams remain rooted in the same tech, procedures and mindsets that existed before the cloud. With companies doing an ever-increasing amount of business in the cloud, and with more of their resources residing there, the old-school methods of monitoring, detection and response must change.

In this 5-hour symposium, IANS Faculty member George Gerchow will help practitioners address those issues and return to their organizations with a set of solutions that include:

  • A list of changes necessary to bring the SOC to the cloud, and the order tasks must be carried out
  • A clear idea of the new skills SOC operators will need for life in the cloud
  • A training roadmap to help them acquire those skills
  • An understanding of the detection and response tools needed
  • Guidance to take SOC tasks to the cloud whether it’s in-house or outsourced to an MSSP
  • Guidance for what the MSSP should be doing and how to keep accurate tabs on them
  • Tips to troubleshoot a variety of technical challenges, whether they involve Salesforce, AWS, Dwellworks or managing log data


This symposium is designed for:

  • CISOs – technical and managerial
  • Security architects who need to map out the structure
  • Security operations personnel who need to make the leap from traditional on-prem SOCs to cloud-based
  • Clients who use an MSSP to run these operations

This event is for IANS clients and invited guests — there is no vendor sponsorship or presence.

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2019 New York Super Symposium Facilitators


George Gerchow

IANS Faculty

As Sumo Logic's Chief Security Officer, George Gerchow brings over 20 years of information technology and systems management expertise to the application of IT processes and disciplines. His background includes the security, compliance, and cloud computing disciplines. Mr. Gerchow has years of practical experience in building agile security, compliance and, modern day Security Operation Centers in rapid development organizations. These insights make him a highly regarded speaker, and invited panelist on topics including DevSecOps, cloud secure architecture design, virtualization, compliance, configuration management, and operational security and compliance. George has been on the bleeding edge of public cloud security and privacy since being a co-founder of the VMware Center for Policy & Compliance. Mr. Gerchow is also an active Board Member for several technology start-ups and the co-author of the Center for Internet Security - Quick Start Cloud Infrastructure Benchmark v1.0.0 and the MISTI Fundamentals in Cloud Security. He is a Faculty Member for IANS (Institute for Applied Network Security) and Cloud Academy.


Jake Williams

IANS Faculty
Jake Williams, the founder of Rendition Infosec, has almost two decades of experience in secure network design, penetration testing, incident response, forensics and malware reverse engineering. Prior to founding Rendition Infosec, Williams worked with various government agencies in information security and CNO roles. He also works with SANS where he teaches and authors courses in Malware Reverse Engineering, Memory Forensics, Cyber Threat Intelligence, and Advanced Exploit Development. He is the two-time victor of the annual DC3 Forensics Challenge. He has spoken at Blackhat, DEFCON, Shmoocon, CEIC, RSA, EnFuse, and DC3 Conference (among others). His research areas include automating incident response throughout the enterprise, threat modeling and analysis, binary analysis, and malware C2. The primary focus of his work is increasing enterprise security by presenting complex topics in a way that anyone can understand.


101 Park Ave, New York, NY 10178 | Room: Pershing Hub

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This Symposium is produced by IANS, which reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to limit or deny access to the Symposium to any entity or individual. IANS’ receipt of a registration application does not constitute acceptance. Individuals from Information Security Solution Providers (software, hardware, and consulting companies) are not eligible to attend. Symposiums are open to IANS clients that are Credential Holders and qualified Information Security Practitioners identified by IANS.

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