2021 Q4 Symposium:  Securing the Supply Chain

2021 Virtual Symposium

Securing the Supply Chain

Virtual Event

Dec 2021


10:00 AM - 12:30 PM ET


Web Conference

In the wake of SolarWinds, companies are looking at how to minimize threats to their software supply chains – specifically, how to more effectively coordinate efforts with third- and fourth-party suppliers. To that end, this virtual symposium will explore:

  • How to test supplier defenses through emulation and purple teaming without impeding business flows.
  • Better understanding measures to help security teams gain better visibility into what’s happening across communication channels and where customers and suppliers intersect.
  • Specific security measures companies should require of 3rd and 4th parties and how to properly assess what is and isn’t in place.


This event is for IANS clients and invited guests — there is no vendor sponsorship or presence.

Registrants will receive a logistics email with web conference meeting information one day prior to the event.

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