2023 Q2 Symposium: Understand Zero Trust Without the Vendor Hype

2023 Virtual Symposium

Understand Zero Trust Without the Vendor Hype

In-person Event

Apr 2023


10:00 AM - 12:30 PM ET


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Understand Zero Trust Without the Vendor Hype 

Most organizations are still relying on their tech vendors for information to drive their zero trust strategy, even when they know it’s filled with product marketing hype and buzz. In this session, IANS Faculty walks you through the different types of product sets to aid your zero trust use cases in 2023—without any of the vendor hype. Learn:

  • What different product sets are designed to do and how they fit into different access models and enforcement mechanisms: user-to-device, device-to-device, workload segmentation
  • At a conceptual level, how different deployment models (e.g., software agents vs. a proxy vs. at the network layer) impact your zero trust architecture
  • The various deployment models vendors support and how these differ between on-premises and cloud
  • How to sift through vendor claims to identify the benefits and limitations of zero trust solutions—what to believe and what to ignore


This event is for IANS clients and invited guests — there is no vendor sponsorship or presence.

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