Stu Henderson

IANS Faculty

Stu Henderson is President of the Henderson Group, providing information security consulting and training with emphasis on IBM mainframes.
  • Effective information security for IBM mainframes, the Internet, UNIX, and Windows
  • Audits for information security
  • Compliance for information security
  • SIEM and log analysis for information security
  • Computer measurement for performance tuning

Achievements & Contributions

  • Helped hundreds of organizations make better use of security software such as RACF, ACF2, and TopSecret.
    Conducted MVS security reviews for numerous commercial and government organizations.
  • Over forty-five years of hands-on experience as a system programmer, Data Security Officer, auditor, and consultant
  • Developed and taught nation-wide security seminars addressing: MVS, TopSecret, ACF2, RACF, VTAM, DB2, TCP/IP, and the Internet
  • Created the information security function for a major brokerage firm, including complete implementation of RACF security software, development of security policy and procedures, and development of techniques for analysis of SMF data to monitor violations and out-of-norm usage.