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IANS facilitates and connects clients-to-experts and experts-to-experts. Our Faculty of industry experts provides the breadth and depth of information to guide you on your information security journey. Through a regional delivery model, our events gather all members of the security function.

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Vince Aimutis, Federated Mutual Insurance


Two-day events with keynotes, breakout sessions, technology spotlight sessions, and networking breaks.

CISO Roundtables

One-day roundtables designed exclusively for CISOs and senior level InfoSec executives to learn and share insights in a confidential setting.


Half-day, deep-dive explorations of technical and operational information security topics, free of vendor presence.


Hour-long interactive discussions examining hot topics in information security.

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July 8

Amid the economic downturn, where can security teams find cost savings in the coming months as their budgets are stretched? This webinar explores creative ways to find savings through tech licensing, storage and de-duplication of vendors.

  • Jake Williams

    Jake Williams

    IANS Faculty

    Jake is the Founder, President, and Principal Analyst of Rendition Infosec, an information security consultancy. He also sits on the Vulnerability Review Board at Peerlyst, a startup social networking platform exclusively for security professionals. Jake is a prolific speaker and instructor on a variety of information security topics such as reverse engineering malware, memory forensics, threat intelligence, and advanced exploit development.

August 12

In an environment where everyone is working remotely, how might mainframe access and management change? IANS Faculty Phil Young explores what has changed already and how to adapt for the future.

  • Philip Young

    Philip Young

    IANS Faculty

    Philip is senior vice president of an offensive security research group at a multinational, Fortune 500 financial services company. He is a leading expert and thought leader in mainframe cyber security with a special focus on the z/OS platform. Philip has built mainframe security programs for multiple Fortune 100 organizations using both vendor and public toolsets. Philip also develops information security coursework to educate the next generation of practitioners, raises awareness about mainframe security, and encourages more organizations to effectively prioritize their risk profiles.

September 9

Recent attacks against Zoom and other collaboration tools illustrated the failure of developers to threat model their software as they built it. Remote collaboration is here to stay, and those behind the tools must put threat modeling front and center. In this webinar, IANS Faculty member Adam Shostack offers step-by-step guidance for getting there.

  • Adam Shostack

    Adam Shostack

    IANS Faculty

    Adam is a leading expert on threat modeling, and a consultant, entrepreneur, technologist, author and game designer. He currently helps organizations improve their security via his independent information security solutions firm, Shostack & Associates, focused on delivering high-impact training and consulting in threat modeling, secure development, and DevSecOps. He also serves as a MACH37™ Stars Network Mentor and an advisor to many startups including NTrepid, Continuum, and Judo Security. Previously, he worked at Microsoft where he drove the Autorun fix into Windows Update, was the lead designer of the SDL Threat Modeling Tool v3 and creator of the "Elevation of Privilege" game.


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