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Hour-long interactive discussions examining hot topics in information security.

October 9

With the speed and complexity of enterprise systems growing, security teams are beginning to rely more and more on automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence. The vendor hype about this being a new security silver bullet can be eyeroll-inducing for battle hardened security practitioners, but there is indeed value in the technology – if you know what your options are and what kind of process is best for your environment. In this webinar, we’ll look at that roadmap and the technological aspects to consider.

  • Aaron Turner

    Aaron Turner

    IANS Faculty

    Aaron Turner is a multi-decade veteran of the InfoSec community with significant experience in the fields of identity and access management, mobile device security, embedded system vulnerabilities, IoT security and international cybersecurity risk management. Starting as an independent penetration tester in the early 1990's, he went on to work at Microsoft in the days before the company had formal security teams. During the massive worm attacks of the early 2000's, Aaron helped found many of the Microsoft Security teams, start security programs and eventually was responsible for all interactions between Microsoft and its customers' CISOs. In 2006, he was invited to participate in a new research project at the Idaho National Lab, funded by DHS, DOE and DOD, to investigate how the system vulnerabilities in commodity software and hardware impact critical infrastructure such as the national power grid, cellular communications networks and other utilities. While at INL, Aaron co-invented a contactless payment technology which he later spun-out of the INL in 2008 as a venture-backed company called RFinity, with that technology eventually licensed on to others. In 2010, Aaron founded IntegriCell to focus on cellular network vulnerability research and established a management consulting practice that delivered unique vulnerability intelligence to customers. Aaron founded Terreo in 2014 as an Internet of Things security product development company, and patented a series of inventions which captured radio frequency transmissions from IoT devices. In 2015, Verifone acquired Terreo and made Aaron the VP of Security Products R&D with a focus of applying the Terreo technologies to helping manage the risks posed by credit card skimmers. In 2017, he left Verifone and refocused his efforts on his IntegriCell research, specifically around applying Machine Learning to the massive data sets created by mobile and IoT devices. Aaron has testified before congress to help set policy for US critical infrastructure protection.

November 13

In this webinar, we’ll examine nine popular tools for creating contemporaneous notes during a forensic examination of a critical security event. While each have their pros and cons, only three legitimately pass muster for use in forensics: Forensic Case Notes, Draft and Git.

  • Joshua Marpet

    Joshua Marpet

    IANS Faculty

    Joshua Marpet is an IANS Faculty Member and an accomplished speaker, long-time information and physical security practitioner and start-up CEO and serial entrepreneur. He is Co-Founder and COO of Red Lion and has presented on topics ranging from Facial Recognition to National Security, to audiences from government agencies, law enforcement, Fortune 5 companies, and many others. His research encompasses digital forensics, business security maturity, and how not to start an information security business. He is also a board member of Security BSides Delaware.

December 11

It’s been another year of data breaches. Surely we can expect more of this in 2020 and beyond. The question is what individuals and companies can do to weather the storm. In this webinar, IANS Director of Research Bill Brenner will glimpse into the future with Faculty member Dave Lewis.

  • Dave Lewis

    Dave Lewis

    IANS Faculty

    Dave has two decades of industry experience, including extensive experience in IT operations and management. Currently, Dave is a Global Security Advocate for Akamai Technologies. He is the founder of the security site Liquidmatrix Security Digest and co-host of the Liquidmatrix podcast. Dave writes a column for Forbes and the Huffington Post.

  • Bill Brenner

    Bill Brenner

    Research Director, IANS

    Bill Brenner is IANS’ Research Director and has more than two decades of experience as a content strategist, researcher, tech writer, blogger, podcaster and community builder. Information Security has been his focus and passion for the last 15 years. He was previously a senior writer and content strategist at Sophos, content strategist for data security company PKWARE and senior tech writer for Akamai Technology's Security Intelligence Research Team (Akamai SIRT). Before that, he was managing editor for CSOonline.com and senior writer for SearchSecurity.com. He lives in Boston with his wife and two sons, is addicted to Heavy Metal music and only drinks the strongest, most bitter coffee blends.


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