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CISO compensation is increasing, but not immune to macro-economic challenges and slower security budget growth. Funding for cyber talent also took a hit. Fewer companies initiated a CISO search, resulting in a tightened market for CISO talent. Ongoing market turbulence makes it harder for CISOs to know where they stand.

As such, CISOs want to know how their overall compensation, perks and job satisfaction compares to those of their peers.

Find objective insights and cross-industry CISO Compensation survey data from over 600 CISOs across the U.S. and Canada in this report.

In 2023, the global macroeconomic uncertainty and recessionary fears led to significant cuts in enterprise spending, pressures which created a challenging security budgeting environment.  

Download the report to find objective insights and cross-industry security budget survey data from over 550 CISOs across the U.S. and Canada, including data on overall security budgets, breakdowns by industry, security budget as a percentage of IT budget, and the key factors influencing budget allocations. 

CISO Compensation Benchmark Study Cover
CISO Compensation Benchmark Study Cover

2023 Security Organization and Compensation Benchmark Summary Report

The success of an organization’s security strategy depends on both the proper sizing of the security team and the caliber of the talent within it.  

Download this benchmark report to gain key insights on security org design and compensation for security leader roles one level down from the CISO. Security leaders can use this data to help make more informed decisions about team formation and talent recruitment. 

Find objective insights and cross-industry security organization survey data from over 660 CISOs across the U.S. and Canada in this report.

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CISOs as Board Directors, CISO Board Readiness Analysis

Upcoming SEC Cyber Rules will require public companies to publicly disclose the cybersecurity expertise of the board directors. On most boards, cyber understanding is insufficient and will likely result in a search for a board director with proven cybersecurity expertise. CISOs appear to be logical candidates to fill this gap, but questions remain as to whether CISOs possess the qualifications to serve as effective board members.

Download this report to access research-backed findings on the preferred traits of candidates for companies and aspiring board-ready CISOs.

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CISO Compensation Benchmark Study Cover
State of the CISO Report cover

2023 State of the CISO Report

With the ongoing evolution of cybersecurity, the role of the CISO continues to change. In this, the final report in our series from our 2022 CISO Compensation and Budget Study, you'll find first-party data collected from over 500 CISOs on job satisfaction levels, job change considerations, reporting structures as well as insights from cybersecurity recruiting experts.

2023 Guide to Hiring and Retaining CISOs and Security Leaders

Cyber talent shortages remain unabated, driving up competition among employers. Organizations risk losing their cyber leaders to higher-paying positions with more flexible working conditions.
State of the CISO Report cover
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