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IANS and Securosis have built the Cloud Security Maturity Model to help organizations understand what their cloud security journey looks like, and more importantly, to be able to consciously determine how mature they want to be for each category. IANS and Securosis are partnering with Cloud Security Alliance to integrate the CSMM into their cloud security research program as well as their certification and training initiatives.

What is the CSMM?

The CSMM is a set of guidelines, not all of which will work for every organization. Organizations should use the model as a starting point and a means to make decisions about how much investment in each category makes sense for their environment.

The CSMM diagnostic assesses the state of your cloud security program against 12 categories over three domains of the CSMM.

Mike Rothman
Mike Rothman, IANS Faculty & Securosis President

Is Your Cloud Security Optimized?

Security for cloud deployments is different from protecting traditional systems. With increased scrutiny on cloud security from large customers, Boards of Directors, and internal and external compliance assessors, all organizations need to consider the inherent security of their cloud stack and how they manage and control their access to it.

What will you get out of the diagnostic?

The CSMM diagnostic is designed to quickly determine your place on the maturity model. The point is to be able to pinpoint issues in your cloud security program and identify areas for improvement.

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You will get maturity assessments across:
Entire Program Icon

Your Entire Program

You will get a score for your maturity across all three domains.

Each Domain Icon

Each Domain

You will get a score for each respective domain – Foundational, Structural, and Procedural.

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Each Category

Finally, you will get a maturity score for each category within the model.


Discover your cloud security program’s maturity level...

Uncover your organization’s cloud maturity level with the IANS | Securosis Cloud Security Maturity Model (CSMM). Learn about the challenges that other organizations at your level face and our recommendations for your environment.

... and measure maturity over three security domains

To help gain value from this report, here we detail the 3 domains and their role in helping increase the maturity of your cloud security program.

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Foundational Domain

Represents the core, critical domains that ensure a secure baseline on which to build your cloud security environment. This is where you start laying the foundation for a strong cloud security program.

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Structural Domain

Represents what would traditionally be considered security and become the building blocks of your cloud security program. This domain is about understanding the differences in how the technology of securing resources works and leveraging both automation and orchestration to enable all of the requisite controls to work in an agile, adaptive manner.

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Procedural Domain

Represents many of the fundamental process and procedural changes required to protect your cloud environment(s) reliably and consistently. Each category highlights how the cloud is different than traditional datacenters and what you must do to embrace those differences.


Be Intentional About Decisions and Priorities

Our Cloud Security Maturity Model is not focused on telling organizations what they must do. Instead, it facilitates business-oriented discussions about cloud security requirements, priorities, and strategies, highlighting key decisions stakeholders must consider in their journey towards increased automation via Cloud Service Providers. This knowledge helps organizations assess their existing cloud security programs against their internal business requirements and those of industry peers, determine which of the maturity level is appropriate to the business, and make conscious and informed purchase and configuration decisions.

Mike Rothman
Mike Rothman, IANS Faculty & Securosis President

Cloud Security Maturity Model Diagnostic (CSMM)

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