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Management and Leadership

Executive Competencies for InfoSec Leaders

by IANS Research

As the importance of infosec grows, so, too, do expectations for infosec leaders. Increasingly, organizations want them to work closely with business functions. On their end, infosec leaders want to be more plugged into the business and be influential when doing so.

IANS Research conducted a research project to gain a better understanding of the leadership roles they can grow into along with the individual areas of development and skills required.

Download our research report to find insights from 24 CISOs and 2 CISO-specific executive search professionals, including:

  • Key competencies, both existing and upcoming, that are required for infosec leaders to excel.
  • The five distinct infosec leader personas and the dominant competencies and leadership behaviors associated with each.
  • Foundational elements of IANS’ infosec-specific competencies framework and assessment tool to evaluate individual leader's skill sets.

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