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Annual Infosec Staff Compensation & Career Benchmark Survey

Your input into this year's infosec staff survey is valuable to you and the security community.​

The results, from you and your peers, will allow you to gain an understanding of your compensation level relative to the current market, assess your work-life balance and your career path.​

The annual survey is developed in partnership with Executive Cyber Recruiters Steve Martano, Jesse Annunziata and Matt Comyns of Artico Search. As a respondent, you will be the first to receive the resulting benchmark report.

The resulting data analysis and report will include:

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An overview of compensation by level and functional area.

Compare your compensation with their peer group.

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Background and experience benchmarks

Cross reference experience, education level and industry certification with peers.

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Drivers of job satisfaction and career evolution

Weight the visibility with higher management and upward mobility.

"I’m thrilled that we’re expanding our compensation survey to infosec staff. With this data, we’ll support CISOs with better data for salary discussions, provide insights for infosec team org design and help practitioners plan their careers."

- Phil Gardner, Founder & CEO of IANS

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About IANS Research

For the security practitioner caught between rapidly evolving threats and demanding executives, IANS Research is a clear-headed resource for making decisions and articulating risk. We provide experience-based security insights for chief information security officers and their teams. The core of our value comes from the IANS Faculty, a network of seasoned practitioners. We support client decisions and executive communications with Ask-an-Expert inquiries, our peer community, deployment-focused reports, tools and templates, and consulting.

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About Artico Search

Artico Search’s team of executive recruiters focuses on a “grow and protect” model, recruiting senior go-to-market and security executives in growth venture, private equity and public companies. Artico’s dedicated security practice delivers CISOs and other senior level information security professionals for a diverse set of clients.