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CISO Compensation and Budget Benchmark Study


IANS and Caldwell Partners surveyed 175 CISOs for their perspectives on compensation, security budgets, and job satisfaction.

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What will you receive with this study?

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A cross-industry overview of CISO compensation

That gives CISOs the ability to compare their compensation with their peer group.

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Market-validated benchmarking for security budgets

With data structured so CISOs can objectively assess how committed their own organization is to funding security compared to industry and geographic peers.

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A close look at the drivers of CISO satisfaction

Aimed to arm CISOs with the ability to ask the right questions when assessing new roles.

Here are a few things we've learned:

Figure 1

Get a sense of how your compensation package compares both with your industry peer group and within the context of the broader CISO market.

Graph of the Distribution of CISOs' total compensation, including equity
More than a third of CISOs are open to a near-term job change
Figure 4

CISOs are prepared to act on their dissatisfaction and are open to a move. On the whole, and irrespective of satisfaction level, more than a third of CISOs are open to a job change in the next six months.


"We’re thrilled to deliver this research – the high point for me was seeing that two-thirds of CISOs are satisfied with their visibility with the C-suite. This industry is maturing quickly, and this study offers insight on where CISOs and their budgets stand up against their peers and comparable firms."

- Phil Gardner, Founder & CEO of IANS

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