Ed Skoudis

IANS Faculty

    Ed Skoudis is the founder of Counter Hack, a company focused on conducting ultra high-quality penetration tests and red team engagements to help organizations better manage their cyber risks. Ed is a SANS Fellow, author, and instructor who has trained over 20,000 cyber security professionals in the art of penetration testing and incident response. Ed is an expert witness who is often called in to analyze large-scale breaches.

    • Penetration Testing
    • Red Teaming
    • Vulnerability Assessments
    • Communicating Cyber Risk Issues at the Board and C-Suite Level
    • Architecture Review

    Achievements & Contributions

    • SANS Faculty Fellow
    • President, SANS.edu college
    • Director of Cyber Ranges at SANS Institute
    • Creator of NetWars, CyberCity, and SANS Holiday Hack Challenge
    • Founder and CEO of Counter Hack
    • Board of Directors, Manasquan Bank
    • Annual RSA Conference Keynote for 5+ Years

    Hobbies & Fun Facts

    • Owner of 1930's Enigma Encryption Machine A726
    • Collector of other antique crypto systems
    • Builder taking antique technologies and making them into IOT devices