Jeffrey Brown

IANS Faculty

    Jeff is the President and CEO of Front Range Security, an information Security Consulting Company. Jeff was the Chief Information Security Officer of Raytheon Company for 15 years where he built an industry leading cyber security capability and worked closely with the Department of Defense on policy and regulatory issues. Prior to his time with Raytheon, Jeff served in the U.S. Air Force for 28 years in software development, telecommunications and cybersecurity positions.
    • Cyber Security Strategy
    • DoD regulatory compliance
    • CISO Board Interactions
    • Cyber Security Organizational Strategies
    • Executive Leadership Skills

    Achievements & Contributions

    • Founding member of the Defense Security Information Exchange
    • Holds a patent for an email malware screening capability
    • Presenter and panelist at numerous cyber security conferences
    • Former Chairman of the Board of the Internet Security Alliance
    • Co-author of several Internet Security Alliance Publications

    Certifications & Credentials

    • CISSP
    • BS in Computer Science from the United States Air Force Academy
    • MS in Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley
    • MS in National Security Strategy from the National Defense University