Mike Webber

IANS Faculty

    Currently consulting, Mike was the head of cyber security at 2 of Canada's iconic companies, and also served as CIO at one of them. Mike's scope included security of application development, of IT systems, and of global cloud services, as well as compliance for the corporation and customer services.

    • Team structure & Management (Recruitment, retention & diversity)
    • Executive & Board Communications
    • Building partnerships
    • Coaching and mentoring
    • Strategic planning

    Achievements & Contributions

    • Former CIO & CISO for BlackBerry, developer of secure smartphones, and security software and services.
    • Led a secure IT business transformation from a hardware company to a security software and services company.
    • Recruited, developed, and retained, excellent security teams.
    • Led the architecture development for a huge and successful global telco network. 
    • Speaker at global security conferences such as AISA Cyber Con and Siberx. 
    • Achieved FedRAMP certification for a customer service offering.
    • Trustee Director of the Board for AT&T Pensions UK 

    Certifications & Credentials

    • BSc Geology & Chemistry - University of Reading

    Hobbies & Fun Facts

    He enjoys kayaking, dog walks, MMO gaming, and good food and wine.