Nick Hunt

IANS Faculty

    Nick has over 22 years in the security industry as a consultant and IT Security Officer. In his daily role, Nick is the Director of IAM Delivery for IDMWORKS, LLC helping customers evaluate, architect, and implement many of the leading IAM technologies.  Nick specializes in large enterprise security implementations, Identity and Access Management, security program development, and application hosting implementations working for numerous public and private organizations. 

    • Identity and Access Management
    • Identity Governance, Access Management
    • Directory Services
    • API Security

    Achievements & Contributions

    • Helped many large enterprise and federal agencies integrate and implement Best of Breed IAM technologies to service B2B, B2E, and B2C populations
    • Implemented Identity and Access Management technologies to support very large user populations (10 million +)
    • Developed Best Practices for implementing and securing IAM technologies and services in cloud environments using DevOps / DevSecOps practices
    • Built global Security Operations Center (SOC) to support compliance initiatives for larger enterprise customers
    • Developed Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) common control framework to help customer map enterprise compliance controls to security initiatives and requirements
    • Nick speaks at many industry conferences on Identity and Access Management best practices.

    Certifications & Credentials

    • Masters of Science in Information Assurance
    • PCI QSA (former)
    • Various Oracle, Microsoft, and other vendor specific product certifications

    Hobbies & Fun Facts

    Nick enjoys fitness and strength training in his free time and has competed in various strength competitions.