Who Are the IANS Faculty?

August 17, 2021 | By IANS Research

Over the last 20 years IANS has curated a select group of 100+ seasoned, security professionals known as the IANS Faculty. This group of globally recognized cybersecurity experts form the core of IANS' services, insights, and educational events.

Our Faculty are not security analysts, but actual practitioners who are in the trenches and understand the issues facing those in the security community. They live in the world of increasing threats, limited budgets and the expectation of reporting to executive audiences. With expertise in both security offense and defense, our Faculty brings a unique perspective that can serve as a critical asset for resource-strapped security teams. 

What Sets Our Faculty Apart? 

Across our Faculty, you’ll find diverse backgrounds ranging from former military who successfully translated their DoD knowledge to security roles in the private sector, to highly technical leaders who built security programs from the ground up as well as CISOs at the Fortune 500.

Among those on our Faculty are authors of well-known standards, tools, and other published works that are widely recognized across the community, including: 

  • Authors of the current CSA guidance and CCSK training/certification
  • Creators of the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) 
  • Creators of customer and open-source tools like SET, RITA, MantOS, SamuraiWTF, etc. 
  • Developers of the CIS 20 Critical Security Controls
  • Authors and instructors of go-to books and curriculum spanning security 

Renowned and well-respected names, including Jake Williams, Aaron Turner, Nicole Dove and Summer Fowler are among those who make up our Faculty.

As hands-on practitioners with vast and varied experience, our Faculty are positioned to provide deep, domain-level expertise at any stage of a security project, across any level of maturity. This practitioner-based model is what sets IANS apart.

With over 130 members and counting, security teams can count on coverage areas any area, including architecting for zero trust, improving ransomware resilience, cloud, IAM, architecture, hardening M365 environments, leadership, complying with privacy regs and more. 

IANS Faculty Knowledge Base 

Our Faculty’s real-world know-how and insights serve as the foundation for all our product and service offerings, including:

Each Faculty interaction improves our clients’ security skill sets, helps teams better understand the risks and threats they face, and provides step-by-step action plans for mitigating them effectively. 

Join the IANS Security Community 

Whether you need guidance on program direction, a tie-breaking opinion on architectural considerations, tool implementation advice, a comprehensive security assessment, a penetration test, or mapping controls to a regulatory standard; we act as a trusted partner to provide the best decision support for your security team. 

Our mission is to help you make better decisions, grow professionally, save time and stay compliant. Get in touch with IANS to learn more about how we can help move your security program forward. 

Although reasonable efforts will be made to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the information contained in our blog posts, no liability can be accepted by IANS or our Faculty members for the results of any actions taken by individuals or firms in connection with such information, opinions, or advice.

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