CISO Compensation Negotiation Checklist

April 11, 2023 | By IANS Research

This checklist combines real-world experience from CISOs and other security leaders with market-based insights from cybersecurity recruiters to help CISOs negotiate an optimal compensation package.

Checklist for Negotiating CISO Compensation

Work Through a Third-party (Recruiter) Where Possible 

  • Leverage your recruiter’s negotiating knowledge 
  • Discuss your ‘wants’ and ‘nice to haves’ with your main recruiter
  • Team with them to understand components of your offer, especially detailed items like complex equity packages

Tip: Find the right search partner. Artico Search recommends finding a partner that: 1) Invests time in working with you to drive decisions, prioritizing the long-term benefits of a relationship over short-term gains of a hire; and 2) Is a specialist who understands the specifics of the cyber market, with deep networks in the security function

Be Transparent About Your Desired Salary Range Upfront 

  • Ask mentors and recruiters if your range is aligned with the market
  • Decide what will be the ‘cut-off’ lows of your salary range

Tip: Discuss compensation expectations. Don’t spin wheels and waste value job search time by not discussing a salary range up front. If a potential employer’s salary offer is off by 10% - you are still within a workable negotiation range. However, if it’s off by 40%, that will be a major issue and a deal breaker for all parties involved.

Your Initial Offer is Not likely the Best and Final Offer 

  • To keep goodwill, take the time to discuss and understand the rational around the offer
  • Work with your recruiter and hiring contacts to step through the rational around the offer and what can be adjusted

Understand Your Compensation Package Structure 

  • Be familiar with the components of your package beyond salary 
  • Dig into additional value-added benefits such as: Longer-term wealth creation opportunities (cash vs. equity, vesting schedules, etc.).  Make sure to ask about:  
    • Incentive bonuses
    • PTO and related perks
    • Career development: training, CISO certifications and education costs, MBAs 
    • Conference and seminar fees
    • Industry and related organizational membership fees


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Be Flexible About the Structure of Your Offer 

  • Understand there are multiple ways to get to the right answer for you
  • Realize there is usually wiggle room built into job offers

Tip: Stay involved during your entire interview process. Make sure to leverage and develop the relationships you have with both the recruiter and the internal hiring team. A strong rapport will help you stay connected with the right people to get specific benefits questions answered to move the process along quickly. 

Request a Compensation Re-assessment Down the Road 

  • Ask for language in the contract that guarantees a compensation assessment after a certain amount of time
  • Consider pushing for re-assessment at the 12- or 18-month mark

Tip: Ask about hiring sign-ons. Available perks could be equity grants or retention bonuses. There's no one size fits all for additional hiring incentives.


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