IANS Faculty Cyber Awareness Month Tips:  Improving Phishing Defenses

October 12, 2023 | By IANS Research

Phishing is by far the most prevalent form of social engineering, ranking as the top method of initial vector attack access. At the start, seemingly legitimate looking emails tricked recipients into providing sensitive information or clicking on a malicious link - now phishing has evolved into more sophisticated lures like texts, DMs, and chats. The latest attack trends include generative AI and MFA-phishing/push bombing to trick users and harvest credentials.

As part of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, IANS Faculty members take center stage to offer tips and insights focusing on the key security issues that immediately improve security health. In this short video clip, IANS Faculty member Ed Skoudis discusses how to improve your phishing defenses through awareness with his insight into the latest attack methods.

Gain an understanding of the latest phishing threats to mitigate your risks. Watch our helpful video with Ed Skoudis , just one of our many globally recognized Faculty security practitioners.


How to Improve Phishing Defenses

Here’s Ed Skoudis’ take on improving phishing through awareness:

You'll hear about the importance of having good passwords - - which goes hand-in-hand with having good phishing awareness. If an attacker can do a successful phish and get your click on a link, they can take you to a website that looks like your organization's website and then ask for the password. Unfortunately, all the work that you do in creating good passwords can be undermined if the user clicks on the wrong link.

How IANS Faculty Expertise Benefits You

Cybersecurity today is faced with a myriad of complex challenges, and the IANS Faculty will help you make informed security decisions that protect your business. By focusing on the tips in this Faculty video, you can strengthen your organization’s security posture and your own.

Whether you need guidance on program direction, a tie-breaking opinion on architectural considerations, tool implementation advice, a comprehensive security assessment, a penetration test, or mapping controls to a regulatory standard, we are a trusted partner to provide the best decision support for your security team.

Our mission is to help you make better, faster decisions, grow professionally, and stay compliant. Get in touch with IANS to learn more about how we can help move your security program forward.

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