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2021 Cloud Security Maturity Benchmark Report

by IANS + Securosis

While cloud deployment rates have accelerated during the past 2 years, cloud security strategies often lag leaving services misconfigured and vulnerable to security breaches. Increasing cloud complexity presents different security challenges requiring a clear strategy to manage risk.

The IANS/Securosis Cloud Security Maturity Model (CSMM) Benchmark Report provides comprehensive insights along with an assessment of the state of cloud security practices. This benchmark report is a snapshot perspective with recommendations and in-depth category data to further strengthen your cloud security strategy.

These findings are based on approximately 130 responses to the Cloud Security Maturity Model developed by IANS and Securosis.

Download a summary version of this benchmark report to help you and your security team:
  • Understand what a cloud security journey could look like
  • Visualize your cloud security journey and compare challenges across organizations
  • Create focus with six key cloud deployment takeaways 
  • Establish a successful Cloud CoE model without unnecessary compliance and business risk

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