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The BISO Role in Numbers

by IANS + Artico

To bridge the gap between business units and cybersecurity functions, organizations are increasingly hiring a Business Information Security Officer (BISO) to complement their security team. This report provides valuable insights into where other companies place this role in the org chart, what comp packages they offer and what key aspects of the job keep BISOs satisfied; helpful for both CISOs adding such a role and for BISOs themselves.

The BISO in Numbers report compiles survey findings collected from a subset of BISOs as part of the 2022 CISO Compensation and Budget Survey.

Download the report for insights focused on the emerging role of the BISO   as a liaison to embed security more into the business including:

  • The BISO’s typical standing and role in organizations
  • Compensation benchmarking for BISOs
  • BISO satisfaction and guidance on how to position the role within the business

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