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Malware and Advanced Threats

Third-Party Ransomware Incident Handling Playbook

by Jake Williams, IANS Faculty

Ransomware has become an ever-present risk for organizations across industries. Following recent high-level breaches in 2023, organizations need to solidify their incident response strategy for 3rd party breaches and beyond.

This playbook is designed to help organizations assess and mitigate impact in the event of a third-party vendor ransomware incident, providing a step by step approach to ensure your organization is prepared in the event of an incident.

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Vulnerability Assessment and Management

IANS Vulnerability and Breach Update: Q4 2023

by Mike Saurbaugh, IANS Faculty

In this quarterly research report, IANS updates you on the top vulnerabilities and breaches from the past quarter and provides some real-world context and perspective.

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Team and Structure Management

Justify Team Size Amid Budget Constraints

by Jessica Hebenstreit, IANS Faculty

Use this report to justify budget spend on team size across IT and Security teams and overcome budget limitations to keep your roadmap on track.

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Security Awareness, Phishing, Social Engineering

Security Awareness Blog Templates

by IANS Faculty

This template serves as a baseline breakdown of security, it’s role within your organization, and steps employees should take to ensure they aren’t exposing your organization to unnecessary risk.

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