2022 CISO Compensation Benchmark Report Preview

October 18, 2022 | By IANS Research

We're highlighting two compelling data points from our 2022 CISO Compensation Benchmark Report. As in years past, the 2022 edition features survey responses from hundreds of CISOs in the U.S. and Canada across all industries.


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Many CISOs are Open to Changing Jobs

Despite unpredictable market conditions, 42% of CISOs surveyed indicated they were actively considering a job change in the next 12 months (see Figure 1).  Another 24% of CISOs who took our survey indicated they ‘might’ make a job change – expanding the total of potential CISOs in the job market to almost two thirds. 

CISOs in the Manufacturing, Transportation and Utilities sectors were most likely to switch jobs, or at least open to considering a change.  

Figure showing results from Are You Considering A job Change in the Next 12 Months?

Figure 1: 42% of CISOs are considering a job change in the next 12 months 

Biggest CISO Pay Increases Result from Changing Employers 

For the CISOs who received a retention incentive or counter-offer last year - their total compensation increased an average of 19%. By comparison, those who received a merit-based increase in compensation only saw a 9% bump year over year – this accounted for 34% of CISOs in our survey. 

Compare this to the 37% increase in total compensation year-over-year for CISOs who changed employers. Research-backed data like this is not only helpful in negotiations with potential employers when trying to secure an offer, but also in determining if a potential job switch is worth pursuing.   

Matt Comyns, co-founder and president at Artico Search, said, “Savvy CISOs can buck the trend of falling behind the market by utilizing third party data to educate HR teams on broader market comp.” 

Figure showing Biggest CISO Pay Increases Result from Changing Employers

Figure 2: Job change remains the biggest driver of compensation increase for CISOs 

CISO Compensation & Security Budget Benchmark Reports 

Each year, IANS, in partnership with Artico Search, releases a series of benchmark reports on CISO compensation, security budgets, key security staff compensation and job satisfaction. 

These in-depth reports feature new takeaways, uncover a wealth of insights and provide valuable leadership guidance to fine-tune your current role, department and career path. 

Download our 2022 CISO Compensation Benchmark Report – the first in our series – and gain access to these and other valuable compensation-based insights and data sets. 

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