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2023 CISO Compensation Benchmark Report

by IANS + Artico

In a challenging macroeconomic environment and an ever-increasing threat landscape, organizations are dialing back security spend - including CISO salaries. The recent comp cycle made it clear that CISOs are only partially shielded from these challenges. New budgetary restrictions pose a clear risk to CISOs’ security posture. Recent SEC cyber reporting rules increase CISO liability making it a demanding time to be a CISO.   

Our fourth annual CISO compensation benchmark study, jointly fielded with Artico Search, offers objective insights and cross-industry compensation survey results from over 600 CISOs across the U.S. and Canada. 

Download a summary version of our benchmark report to access key CISO compensation data including: 

  • Detailed CISO comp data:  Ranked by cash comp, target bonus, equity and total comp for eight industries and by company type.  
  • Top 25% paying employer profiles: Comparisons on comp in the top 25% quartile by industry, org structure and revenue size. 
  • Multi-year salary data: Analysis of impacts on CISOs’ satisfaction and desire to change employers. 
  • Expert data insights: Find valuable career recruiting and comp guidance from the experts at Artico Search.  

Hear Nick Kakolowski, IANS Sr. Research Director and Steve Martano, IANS Faculty member and partner at Artico Search discuss key findings from the CISO Compensation Benchmark Report.


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