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Security Operations

Top 8 SOAR Use Cases and Playbooks

by Gal Shpantzer, IANS Faculty

When getting started with security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR), it’s important to identify your biggest pain points and build playbooks around those first. To successfully augment your security strategy with SOAR, it helps to fully define common use case objectives well in advance. Here you’ll find 8 common SOAR use cases along with playbooks that give your team the ability to run and complete multiple complex actions.

Download this guide which features 8 common use cases and playbooks to consider, including:

  • Past and Present Secrets, Owners and Locations
  • DDoS Inbound and Outbound Triggers and Actions
  • Inbound Security Reporting via Third Party
  • Threat Hunting Auto-Collect IoCs
  • Malware Forensic Information Gathering

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