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2023 SEC Cyber Disclosure Rules Guidance

  • New SEC Rules: What Even Non-Public Orgs Should Know
  • SEC Cyber Disclosure Checklist

This two-part piece explains the new SEC rules, details actionable takeaways for even non-publicly traded organizations, and provides a requirements checklist focusing on incident disclosure to enable organizations to assess gaps that need to be addressed quickly.

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Next Steps for CISOs

For CISOs, we recommend the following actions:

  • Revisit current incident disclosure policies & compare them with the new regulations
  • Discuss what “material” incidents mean to your org & practice disclosures
  • Educate executives on the changes & what they mean for the business
  • Review board oversight structure & responsibilities on cyber matters
  • Hold tabletops to educate the management team & the board to prepare for cyber incidents
  • Use analytics to better understand the financial implications of your organization’s cyber risk exposure
  • Retain third-party auditors to assess your program



SEC Cyber Disclosure Guidance- Allison Miller

Dec 13, 2023, 15:57 PM
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