Industrial Control System (ICS) Risk Mitigation Checklist

March 7, 2023 | By IANS Faculty

This checklist provides a high-level overview of ICS and related IT considerations to help organizations self-evaluate their ICS risk aligned to different maturity goals/levels, since many ICS organizations are still working to balance the priorities of cybersecurity in ICS functions. It is intentionally high-level to drive general thinking based on subject matter expertise vs. being a prescriptive answer for all organizations. 

Beginner ICS Maturity 

Build an Asset Inventory 

  • Establish a list, preferably in a database using an ICS/IT platform tool of all ICS and relevant assets with a standardized set of characteristics (asset owner, location, asset ID, model number, software version, etc.) 
  • Identify baselines (gold images) for configurations and backup equipment (hot/cold swappable)
  • Create an IT-ICS common technical architecture
    • TIP: Integrating procurement means your inventory can be automatically populated with a lot of information on acquisition

Start to Perform Risk and Threat Management 

  • Identify sources of intelligence/information for risk and threat management, e.g., ISACs, government agencies, vendors (some product vendors include this, plus there is the third-party threat intelligence market) 
  • Analyze and share threat intelligence with internal functions as appropriate, and track it on a risk register
  • Do tabletop exercises (see this guidance at These should be:
    • One- to four-hour scenario walk-throughs to identify process gaps and validate assumptions, as well as for training
    • Done at all levels of the organization (executive, engineering, etc.)
    • Cross-functional – bring in as many relevant internal functions as possible to participate
    • Informed by threat management for realism and relevance
    • Include cross-over events, in which a physical issue creates a cybersecurity impact

TIP: This should branch out naturally from continuity planning processes already in place; the key is including cybersecurity elements into these traditional components

Find and Train the Right People 

  • Define roles and responsibilities, including knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) by position
  • Conduct cybersecurity awareness/training
  • Establish access controls for those positions by system (should be reflected in the asset inventory)

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Intermediate ICS Maturity

Focus on Control Management 

  • Conduct periodic audits of the asset inventory to verify accuracy and identify process failures
  • Establish a change management process that:
    • Categorizes different levels of changes under consideration
    • Creates an evaluation process tied to the different categories
    • Includes cybersecurity/risk management to understand system-level and system-of-systems level impacts of potential changes

TIP: The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a great resource for practitioner-level process management

Determine Criticality and Relationships 

  • Establish dependencies between assets in the asset Inventory (including external dependencies such as vendors, customers, etc.)
  • Identify critical paths with functional dependencies
  • Create a workable security services catalog
  • Formalize internal service offerings (repairs, security engineering, etc.), and include point of contact, scope, expectations, request process, etc.

Achieve Holistic Risk Management 

  • Include cross-functional stakeholders such as finance, business operations, engineering, legal, public/customer relations, etc.
  • Establish logging and monitoring to a centralized database
  • Perform penetration testing to evaluate initial access methods against controls, detection and response 
  • Establish detection engineering, in which logging is validated with risk assessments to determine what is/is not logged compared to expected outcomes and to correlate events for alerts
  • Evaluate vendors with security questionnaires during acquisition and include them in the risk register

Conduct Minimal Levels of Training 

  • Establish training plans for positions and ensure all personnel are scheduled to achieve the minimal requirements, i.e., gap analysis with remediation
  • Include KSAs for new employee hiring and focused retention

Expert ICS Maturity 

Evaluate the Supply Chain 

  • Evaluate vendor security with technical testing and validation
  • Perform post-deployment security testing

Perform Service-Level Management 

  • Benchmark, measure and report service catalog offerings against expected service-level agreements (SLAs)

Improve Risk Management 

  • Put ICS/IT vulnerabilities/risks in organizational context
  • Perform adversary emulation
  • Using threat intelligence, emulate specific adversarial threats in the areas of both IT (focused on lateral movement to and impact on ICS) and ICS 
  • Incorporate supply chain evaluation from above into the risk register
  • Get detect-respond-remediate metrics in place, using risk assessment exercises (penetration testing, red teaming, adversary emulation) to measure people, process and technology response times across: 
    • Detection: The time between when an issue was first logged and when it alerted
    • Respond: The time it takes security to respond to the alert and identify the scope of the threat
    • Remediate: The time it takes to effectively remove the threat and restore normal operation

Conduct Expert-Level Training 

  • Continually review roles, responsibilities and KSAs
  • Include KSAs in formal HR evaluations of performance
    • TIP: Use train-the-trainer initiatives to internally drive training, awareness and improvements

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